You have entered the temple of the Oracle. She is able to answer the question you have come to ask...

Which Tarot Card Am I?

Please help the oracle by purchasing the tarot card pendant you feel most drawn to.
Do you know your Tarot Archetype? Why not visit the Tarot Archetype site and learn more.

Calm your mind and as you read each pair, try and sense within yourself which aspect you identify more closely with.
  I Identify With Masculinity
  I Identify With Femininity
  I am One with the Universe
  I am an Individual
  I Prefer New Beginnings
  I Prefer The Steady Path
  I Like Being in Control
  I Feel as if I Have Little or No Control
  I Rely on Intuition
  I Rely on Facts
  Serenity with your Situation
  Needing Power to Overcome
  I Am in Transition
  I Feel as if I am Stagnating
  I prefer Conformity
  I have a Unique Vision
  I Identify with Decadence
  I Identify with Purity
  I Go Where the Wind Blows Me
  I Am Always Following Convention
  For Magic, I Use Focused Will
  For Magic, I Use My Inner Calling
  I Am A Very Sensual Person
  I Am A Very Reserved Person
  I Look for Enlightenment
  I Look for Facts
  I Prefer Introspection
  I Prefer Extraversion
  I Am A Materialistic Being
  I Am A Spiritual Being
  I Prefer To Be With Family
  I Prefer Solitude
  I Believe in Destiny
  I Believe in Self Determination
  Doing Anything Requires Inspiration
  Doing Anything Requires Study

The Tarot is a system of both divination (foretelling the future or the circumstances of the present or past) and philosophy. It is said that after the burning of the great library at Alexandria, the scholars, mystics and philosophers created the system of Tarot so that the ancient wisdom could always be received. Tarot images represent the great archetypes in a manner that makes them open to understanding on many levels.

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